What Are Gold and Silver Bullion?

If you have never heard of gold and silver bullion, you are not alone. Many people, other than maybe your wilshire financial services advisor and other similar professionals, don’t realize that there are actually different types of gold and silver that you can purchase and sell on the commodity market. The types of gold and silver that you find are dependent on how they are produced (coins, bars, etc) and how “pure” the gold or silver may be.

So, in light of this, what is gold and silver bullion? In short, this is gold or silver that is put into bar form (or in some cases, ingots, depending on who is producing it) instead of being a coin. On top of that, the gold or silver has to almost 100% pure (99.5% is the cutoff). As a result of this definition, bullion is, in fact, the purest form of gold or silver that you can find in the investment world. This is the gold and silver that is usually used in the jewelry world and it is also a very popular form of investment during times of economic instability.

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if you are in a time of economic instability, the gold and silver bullion market will be constantly fluctuating, and it is usually a bull market during those times. You will see a few drops, but most of the progress you will see will be increases. This is because gold and silver will always hold value; currency may not after a certain period of time (for example, if an economy flops like it did in Greece). Gold and silver is also traded around the world; some markets don’t trade particular types of currency for a number of reasons. If you are curious about whether or not you should invest in gold and silver bullion, talk to your financial advisor and get their advice.