What are Expert Witnesses?

In most court cases involving cases that deal with higher knowledge, it’s not uncommon for both sides to call on witnesses that are experts. The experts not only provide credibility to the case, by explaining and endorsing facts, they also explain what happened and clarify any terms or happenings that the jury and the court might have trouble understanding.

financial expert witness

They will define terms, give examples, and generally help simplify the proceedings that need to be clearly understood by the jury. One type of expert witness is a financial expert witness, who is called in on cases involving money and finances. They typically talk about fraud, interest, and other banking items but can be called on for any case or industry.

For cases like car crashes and personal injury, or cases that involve loans and investments. A financial expert witness can help the plaintiffs understand what kind of money they can hope to receive. Another common type of expert witness is a forensic specialist. They typically provide an expert view on how a patient died and can help describe the death by telling a story and talking about what was found during the autopsy.

Most experts should spend around a quarter to half of their time working within the industry that they are experts in. If they spend most of their time in court, without refreshing their knowledge they can lose credibility. Experts who have been hired by both sides of an argument are also very valuable, as they see both sides and can anticipate what lawyers and opposing experts will say.

Having an expert on your side early can help the proceedings and give your case some extra backup. Remember, the simpler things are for a jury to understand, the more likely they will empathize with what you are saying.